(dʒiːp) noun: a vehicle for travelling over rough terrain

(trĕk) noun: a slow or difficult journey

It’s a Fellowship of Jeep® enthusiasts in the United Kingdom that like to drive their Jeeps off road. Our off road driving events are mostly organised on an invitation only basis. The Fellowship grows only by means of face-to-face introductions. The guest list for events is determined by a poll where the Fellowship vote for the applicants that they would like to attend.

If you would like to be considered for an invitation to the next jeeptrek℠ event, please click ‘Register’ from the ‘Login’ menu to apply.

The Fellowship are free to vote for whoever they like. As some applicants may not be well known to them all, the following guidance is used to help select applicants from their submitted profiles.

  • Willingness to help others, either on any club forum, or in person
  • Organising any club member events or being part of the volunteer crew for club events
  • Vehicle recovery leaders or someone that helps with recoveries
  • Green Lane trail leaders or someone that helps with route planning and/or reconnaissance
  • A skill set that is particularly relevant to our jeeptrek event
  • Enthusiasm, friendliness or just being a jolly good person to have along

Be proud of your application profile, we really read them before voting.

Without doubt the best offroading trip I have had so far. I feel very lucky to have had the chance to be a part of JeepTrek 23.5 and very much hope to be able to join another trip in the future. Everyone was so welcoming and helpful. When I arrived and saw the array of fantastic off road vehicles I was more than a little worried, that didn’t get any better on the first evening hearing a little about how much experience so many people had. But with the help of everyone there and Bernie’s encouragement to give it maximum commitment I was really pleased with what I was able to do in my Jeep on baby 33s. I really struggle to think of anything that could have been improved for any future events.

Terry Radford

The UK Jeeper’s Calendar

Events of interest to UK Jeepers are published here as a courtesy. No advertising revenue is received or required for doing so. We have no control over events organised by others that are listed in this calendar. We also do not take bookings for events other than jeeptrek events. Please visit the event organiser’s website for more information (see link in calendar entry).

Upcoming Events

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